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*.FastOne.* And *.LilOne.*'s Nitto 1320 Site


WELCOME TO *.Nitto's Finest.* Have Fun :-P

STOP! Before you go on any futher, please make sure you read the "RULES"and make sure you understands it fully.

Nitto has 3 groups that moderate the game. One of nitto's best forms of security is System. The system will autoban you the moment it detects a discrepancy within your account. Although the system is effect for money limiting, and glitched runs, it doesnt control the chat. You will however see the system in every room reminding racers to not give out there pass and that is the ONLY official site. For chat moderation the mods come into play. Moderator's are a select group of people, that were personally selected by the Administration to help watch over the game. It is their duty to help the fair, and give punishment to the unfair. When you see "blue" or "pink" text in the chat rooms, that is a Moderator (blue for male, pink for female). The moderators have an in-game mod tool for chat banning users (means they can do everything but talk in a chatroom) as well as a web based admin panel to check ban records, delete rooms, show/hide there name, and get the password to the mod lounge. They also receive the admins' email addresses and have extra tools on the forum. The last group is the admin, Administrators have gold text in the chats and have complete control over every aspect of the game. Why you might ask, its simple, they created it. The administrators work for Choice Internet (internet devlopment company) or in some rare cases such as the old admin batman Nitto Tire Co. (who the game was created for). Anything mods cant help you with, the admin can. The admin also choose the moderators of the game.


Mr.GoodStuff, X, Dennis, Justin, PimpinAintEasy, Batman, Xtremer


Nismo, ModPatrol (Nitro160), 92CivicSi2NR, Esaych69, kirbyNOS, X420, Daywalker69, The Joker, .BadDriver., capri5.0, catman#1, M.M.C., ggstunna, Sexy Boy Aj, MRG, WorstDriver aka WillDance4ModSpot (Suspended), NSCelica, PowerRanger (Hybrid), NittoMod#1 (Dom Toretto), NittoMod#2 ($p@nth3r$), ChicNurDreams, sassylove, 2hottfancy, LadyRacer #8


EGJessica, Y, Sempo, Z, E36m3, Tenkaichi, Scott, Longshot, Cirick


HKS_TUNER, Werline77, VisualEvolution, lilt, BrokeAss, GTP, Adriano88, RobGT, MotocrossRules, PsrBab, AngelChild, Bafoon, smurfette/Poison Ivy, Van Helsing, 1989SiR2, Fume, Leftlane, Superflythaiguy, UndercoverBrother, *HyPnOtIc PiMp*, BanginBabe, CurlyKelly, WeekendWarrior, Newark Sp33d, S2000 Racer, xNeo, JuicedGT, earleD

How can you become a Mod?

You have to catch an admin's attention. Help Out a lot on The Moderator Help 1&2 Rooms! You must be helping for a long time (takes patience). Become popular/known, you get a better chance. Be nice to other Moderators. If they see you have been doing this, they might recommend you to an Admin. Dont Keep asking Moderators to be a Mod? That wont get you very far, and could be a downfall. Admins will contact you to be a Moderator. They will never ask for your password. Watch out for the fake ones!

I hope u enjoyed well post wat you think

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